Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Paleo Project

Now that I'm home, I cook more. Recently the hubs complained that he's gained 3lbs in a month. ( I wonder if my job loss has effected his weight?)  In an effort to eat healthier and for neither of us to gain anymore weight (maybe shed a few lbs in the process) we have decided to make a few changes and try eating healthier.  Easier said then done.  He likes to eat and, well I like my desserts. We are cutting back on fried and processed foods.  Ok that's easy to do...NOT.  He came home from the grocery store with this...

Back in November or December I purchased a 6 month meal planning package through e-meals.  You can find them here: E-Meals  You pick a meal plan and each week you are sent a meal plan for 7 days with a shopping list.  GREAT idea.  I love this, so I purchased a Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner meal plan.  With menu's from Gourmet to Paleo to Diabetic there is something for everyone.  (I opted against the dessert plan.  I was trying to be good).  I'd been saving up menus and swapping meal plans for some fresh ideas.  I'd slip in a meal here and there.  Recently however, Hubs had read that Jeb Bush had lost a lot of weight following the Paleo diet.  Now was the time to strike. He said he wanted to start eating better, I told him that I had some meal plans that we could pick from.  He informed me he was interested in Paleo, but not totally sold.  I said let's try it for a week.  He agreed. 

I printed a few menus and let him pick the meals he was interested in.  He did the grocery shopping, but he was clear to tell me that this was a trial and we would modify as he needed to have a pizza and cheese in his life.  Ok, we can do that, but the pizza has to be made at home and not purchased from the freezer aisle or from a national chain.  The deal was struck and so began THE PALEO PROJECT.

Sunday Dinner: Paleo meal - Rosemary Mutard Roasted Chicken served with Broccoli-Olive Salad
He loved the salad  and the chicken.

Monday Breakfast:  Paleo meal - Breakfast BLT wrap with egg - so basically this was scrambled eggs,bacon & tomato wrapped in an iceberg lettuce leaf.  Can you say FREAKING DELICIOUS! He again was sold.

Monday Lunch: Healthy meal - Homemade garlic & olive hummus served with carrots, Snow pea pods, grape tomatoes.  We also had  a slice of cheddar cheese and some deli turkey sliced meat.  (I had 1 of each, he had more).

Monday Snack: Fresh fruit - watermelon - now in season and absolutely fantastic

Monday Dinner: Paleo meal - Yellow Cauli-Rice & Kale Meatballs in tomato sauce.  This was a great dinner, but felt the recipe needs more seasoning in the meat, and we both wanted parmesan cheese.  First time I really missed some bread too.  Sometimes you just want to sop up the tomato-y goodness off the plate with a nice piece of crusty bread.

Monday dessert- decidedly NOT paleo or healthy - 1 magnum ice cream bar.

Overall the first day - I feel good we ate healthier and made better choices.

I had an appointment with my Wax-pert so I can now say I'm beach ready!  As a result, breakfast was a little delayed so we are calling it BRUNCH.

Tuesday Brunch -Paleo meal - Banana crepe-cakes with fresh fruit and bacon.  This was both beautiful to look at with the fresh strawberries and blueberries on the banana pancakes and the bacon.  These were delicious.  Who knew you could make pancakes without any type of flour at all.  These were a hit with Hubs.  We will definitely have these again.  My type of breakfast.

Tuesday Snack - more hummus and carrots or fresh watermelon 

Tuesday Dinner planned?  Another Paleo meal - Dijon Pork chops and asparagus. 

Stay tuned for more on the Paleo Project as the week progresses.  We'll see how long he lasts.