Thursday, April 16, 2015

Apple Rosettes

I've recently found myself in a new life situation, and now have time to devote to blogging, podcasting, baking and anything else that crosses my path.  (Don't go look for the podcast yet, it's still in production)

Today, my sister-in-law Rene posted a video on her Facebook page about Apple Rosettes.  These were beautiful and intriguing to me.  Since I had to do the grocery shopping today anyway, I just added a few items to my list in the process.

2 Large Apples (Red)
1 Package of Frozen puff Pastry
Cinnamon to taste
Apricot Jam

You will also need a muffin tin, a rolling pin, flour, and water

Here is the video Apple Rosettes by Manuela M.

I made these and this is what I learned:

1. It's difficult to make all the apple slices exactly the same width.  I recommend using a mandolin.
2. It takes more than 3 minutes to make the apples pliable.  If they are a little crisp they will not roll without breaking.
3.   I used red delicious apples, but I think any other apple type that holds up to heat will work well.
4.  keep the puff pastry cool it helps with the process, as it warms it begins to get stretchy.
5.  When the puff pastry gets wet, like when you dab it with the watered down apricot jam, its harder to work with.  Be careful here.  The dough gets wet with the damp apple slices as well.
6. I forgot to sprinkle with cinnamon - oh well
7.  I baked for 43 minutes and turned the pan 1/2 way through the cooking cycle.  I know my oven is hotter on one side then the other.  You will need to watch yours.
8.  I sprayed my muffin tin with PAM to  be sure they popped out.
9. The apricot jam will seep out a bit when baking and make it stick to the pan a bit.  Mine popped out with a knife.
10.  These are EASY PEASY and a great way to impress your friends or would be a great Mother's Day Brunch item.
11. These were a ton of fun to make.  I will be serving mine with some whipped cream, I think these will be lovely with some vanilla ice cream as well.

As you can see, my picture above isn't great, but the rosettes, are exactly what they should be - beautiful.

Thank you to the Manuela M who made the video, and thanks to my sister-in-law Rene for sharing the video this morning.

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